Accessory Programs

BOXBuild is our strength and body building program. The program is unique to us and is intended to help members of our functional fitness community build toward their strength goals. The Build program takes three definitions of strength into consideration, and we will help athletes reach their potential in all three...
1. BOXBUILD WILL INCREASE CONTRACTILE POTENTIAL (at a physiological will get 'stronger')
2. BOXBUILD WILL INCREASE YOUR FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY (from a work will accomplish things you've
never accomplished previously)
3. BOXBUILD WILL ILLICIT A BIOLOGICAL RESPONSE from increased time under tension (hormone will enjoy the benefits of strength training).
Generally, the program will follow a (4) day template. Programming will appear on M-W-FR-SA. In this format, T-TH-SU will be "rest days". The program will not take into account programming for any other NCFIT will be completely separate from BOX60, BOX45, BOX30 and BOX Compete.
BOXBuild is programmed on a 10-week cycle. Goals for the cycles are set by the team. We will work toward bolstering our three definitions of strength at all times. Everything you will do in Build will help you lift more, do more, or grow more...or any combination of the three.
The programming will be based around a combination of time-tested principles of traditional powerlifting (squat, press, dead), conjugate/westside method (mix of max effort and dynamic efforts), body building (hypertrophy and accessory work), and a few of our other favorite elements (odd objects, heavy holds, overloaded bodyweight movements, etc)...if nothing else, this program will be a heck of a lot of fun!

BOXBURN - BURN is our special spin on fast-paced interval training and bodyweight training. Workouts for BURN involve very little equipment and can be performed almost anywhere -- at the gym, at home, or on the road. Every workout involves four different station rotations and typically last between 20 minutes. In BURN, athletes will work through each station for a short period of time then move to a new station. Workouts will always challenge athletes to push themselves through the burn! BURN is perfect if athletes are looking for high-energy interval training, want to focus exclusively on light conditioning, or need a quick workout that they can do anywhere!

BOXCompete-- COMPETE is a competitive track, COMPETE pays homage to our rich history of success in the sport of fitness while paving the way forward for a new breed of competitor. The goal of this program is twofold -- first, to provide athletes with a strong foundation and specific tools they need to succeed in competition, and second, to grow a strong community of like-minded athletes eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every session of COMPETE contains 3 parts - Part A, B, and C. Sessions typically last anywhere between 60-90 minutes.

First Class is Free.

Please bring along:
Trainers, comfortable clothes to exercise in.