Open Gym

Open Gym

Can't make a class we got you covered

At The Box Reebok we also offer open gym classes, but what is open gym?
Open Gym is a time when our members can come in to the gym to work on skills, get some strength work in, catch up on missed workouts, perform recovery work and mobility, or simply hangout with friends.

Though open gym is primarily for the use out of class hours we have a smaller area on the mezzanine that is kitted out to train, though we don't allow heavy barbells to be dropped you can still lift, squat, Wod just keep that barbell under control, or you will get a hefty burpee penalty ?

There are many athletes making the most of this time and seeing improvements from it. There are also quite a few athletes who are very sporadic in their approaches to open gym and quite possibly leave the box no better than when they arrived. So, here are some tips that will help you make the most of open gym in the future.
The classes are unstructured, but that doesn't mean your open gym sessions need to be unstructured. Have a plan, by setting a goal for your session with logical steps to trying to achieve this. Every movement we perform within CrossFit involves some degree of skill. By breaking down movements and dedicating some focused learning/practice to these segments we can greatly improve our overall execution of the movement.
Olympic lifting, gymnastics, double unders, rowing, or any other movement you can imagine will improve with focused practice.
As well as skill work, open gym can be used increase your strength levels. This doesn't just mean increasing your back squat, press or deadlift, it could mean spending some time working on our core strength to aid, press ups or the hollow and arch positions during the kip. It could mean performing your glute strengthening homework given to you by a coach to improve your squat.
If you are interested in increasing your strength, consult a coach who can help establish the best way to incorporate it along side the gym programming, address your individual weaknesses and ensure that is progressive and sustainable.
Active recovery is also another option for your open gym sessions. Active recovery should be low impact, low intensity movement which gets the blood flowing by keeps the heart rate low. Active recovery should leave you feeling energized upon completion and not beat down. While helping you recover from your training it is also a simple way of increasing your aerobic capacity! Some examples would be 20-30 minutes of easy pace rowing, wattbike, assault bike, running (providing you have sufficient volume and good mechanics), or a combination of all. To gauge your pace you should try to complete it with a friend and hold a conversation throughout.

Follow up your active recovery by tackling those tight hips, or improving that overhead position with 10-20 minutes of focused mobility work.

Open gym can also be used to catch up with a workout you may have missed during the week, or get the programmed workout complete if you can't make one of the scheduled classes later on in the day.
No matter what you choose to use your open gym time for remember that the coaches are there to help. They can help you with progressions for specific skills, help you plan a strength program, give you ideas for recovery options and answer any questions you have. By asking for help from the coach they can also ensure that you are not doing anything that is going to have a negative effect on the next day programming.
The opportunity to work at your own pace on whatever you want is obviously a good one. Use these steps and enjoy the gains.