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Community has always been why i started The Box Reebok it is the foundation of how we grow and what we believe in. Working out just isn't the same on your own, when you have a friendly group of positive like minded people cheering you on, that extra rep you thought you couldn't do becomes achievable because you have us cheering you on. You won't just find friends here, you will find family.

We like to treat our members to lots of fun community events! Our members enjoy intra-gym competitions, BBQ's, Parties, Summer Beach WODs, holidays, and loads more. We've also got some pretty awesome member perks that include exclusive discount to Reebok.

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Member of the Month Sept 19
It's taken me two weeks to decide if I should post these or not🤷‍♀️.... So here goes, two weeks ago today marked exactly 12 months ago that I walked into The box for the first time and I walked in with a goal to lose a set amount of weight and get fitter for the children, I had no idea if I could achieve it, how long it would take or how I would do it..... but 363 days later I finally hit that target and I am now 23.14kg lighter than a year ago, however far more important than the actual loss of weight, I have also learnt so much in that time, I feel fitter and healthier than ever before and I have met some amazingly supportive people🙂
The reason it took me two weeks to decide if I should share these photos is that when I saw them all I could see was what people would see I haven't yet achieved, but after talking to some amazing friends I have come to realise that it's not about how it looks it's about how it feels... And these photos represent just that, the fact that I feel so much healthier than a year ago

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