CrossFit Lite

What we do in this class:
A CrossFit Lite workout has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class (Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement) except we will focus mainly on Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) with scaled down weights or body weight movements.

Many people want to experience the fun of CrossFit, but may have reservations about using the barbells. This is understandable since the idea of lifting very heavy weight can be unsettling.

CrossFit Lite is designed to maximize your fitness by using a variety of different body weight movements and objects like kettlebells to obtain significant strength and cardiovascular health. Each class is different and can include activities like running, body weight movements, or using kettlebells, wall balls, or boxes. While we call this CrossFit Lite, don't be confused that this is easier than a typical CrossFit workout!

Who is it for?

CrossFit Lite is geared towards those who:

Are intimidated by any of the notions they have of CrossFit.
Have had lengthy layoffs from a fitness program and want to start getting back into fitness.
Want to work on cardiovascular system, body awareness, and athleticism before focusing on strength or power.
Want to understand some of the core tenets of CrossFit at a slower pace.
We welcome you to try a CrossFit Lite class to see how fun - and challenging - it can be! The course will concentrate on the basic CrossFit body weight movements, such as squatting and push-ups and will, progress to more complex movements, such as kettlebell training.

If, at any time, the athlete would like to participate in regular CrossFit workouts they would need to go through the Fundamentals classes.

One thing to note is the intensity of the workouts increase at your own pace, and we will be there to encourage you and push you to your potential.

"Lite" is a simple, intense and fun 45-60 minute conditioning/weight loss focused program. THIS IS NOT's very important that we stay true to the roots of the CrossFit class experience. You can expect a warm-up where a coach will prepare you for everything you will do in your WOD (Work Out of the Day) and that they will be with you every step of the way. You will be challenged but we won't throw anything at you that you can't handle.

The "Lite" classes will exclude our more challenging CrossFit movements, so you won't be doing handstand pushups, muscle ups, rope climbs, Olympic lifts or the like. You will be doing the basic cardio and bodyweight movements like pushups, air squats, sit-ups, running, jump rope, etc. We will also throw in some medicine ball, kettlebell and empty barbell exercises, but the focus will not be on strength. We will focus on endurance, flexibility and stamina.

We want you to know that the "Lite" classes are a starting point. The goal is eventually, when your ready, to progress you into doing full CrossFit WOD classes where we will add more weighlifting and more advanced exercises. We want you to do this so you have a balanced fitness that's challenging all aspects of the CrossFit program.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

First Class is Free.

Please bring along:
Trainers, comfortable clothes to exercise in.